Funky Red Dog
Shoreham Beach Mural painting

Kids Art Workshops

In 2010 I began working with children at Shoreham Beach primary school on an Urban Art project they were doing. I helped them to think about the ideas for their design and then later ran a number of stencil workshops, teaching the children to safely use small retractable craft knives to cut out their designs. These varied from simple leaf shapes to more complex animal designs with bridges and layers of colour. Allowing all year groups to participate in various ways to the final mural.

 Towards the end of 2010 & beginning of 2011, I continued working with the school to help them create an outdoor mural in their garden area. Again working with a range of year groups with varying levels of skill. Together we scaled-up their final design and painted it onto the large wall. This was completed by the children spray-painting their own stencils on the background mural. They all learnt how to safely handle spray-paints and the importance of wearing a mask and other protective equipment.

 Working with these children was an inspiration & I am currently working on further projects including a banner workshop involving several local primary schools.

Please contact me with any ideas you have to help children connect with their creative side. 

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